Every child deserves to feel loved and protected. Whether at home in Australia – or overseas – the team at Touch of Goodness is all about spreading love to the little ones who need it most. From small gifts that will brighten their day – to the essentials which will make the world of difference in their little lives, our team is ready to help you reach out to a child in need.

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Over the past five years the Touch of Goodness Foundation has worked hard to incorporate programs both at home and overseas which are focussed on helping those who need it most. Explore our initiatives and choose where in the world you would like to make a difference.


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We have several programs focussed on helping people at home, in Australia, as well as several which will help children in developing countries.





The Touch of Goodness Foundation is dedicated to helping those less fortunate through several programs specifically designed to target the areas where help is needed most.



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We want to nurture young hearts wanting to give back to their community, or to help support international programs. If you want to help us, let us know.

We are a charitable organization

We make sure the money you donate is spent on exactly what you expect it to be spent on. Our Donations page allows you to donate to the exact program you want to donate to, in the country you want to support. Simple. The way it should be.

Donate to our Foundation