Goodness comes to Parramatta

Well done to our Touch of Goodness Foundation team, on the ground in Parramatta for the launch of our charity National ‘Goodness’ Awareness Day on 19 March 2014.

600 chocolates were distributed to 600 unassuming passers-by during peak hour. That’s 600 random acts of Goodness.

Thank you again to our Ambassadors, The International Australias and especially Venessa Chidiac who made every chocolate bag with love.

Thank you to Saidie Creative for her captured images on the day!

Read our article in The Sun Parramatta

Graduation Guardian

We are very excited to be launching this campaign very soon – become a ‘Graduation Guardian’ and help shape the future of children in Indonesia! More details to come … stay tuned!

The TOUCH OF GOODNESS FOUNDATION has a very exciting campaign coming up! Stay tuned to find out how you can become a ‘Graduation Guardian’ through the Touch of Global Goodness program! I hope you’re ready – because we’re about to change lives! More details coming soon!